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Rob MacGregor is an Edgar-winning novelist, who has been on the New York Times bestseller list. He is the author of seventeen novels, ten non-fiction books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. In addition to writing his own novels, he has teamed with George Lucas, Peter Benchley, and Billy Dee Williams. He writes both adult and young adult mysteries, adventure, and science fiction/fantasy. He has written seven Indiana Jones novels, and his eighth will be published by Ballantine Books in 2009. His non-fiction books focus on the mysteries of the unknown. Vist Rob at: Rob MacGregor and SynchroSecrets


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Researcher/Author, Gian J. Quasar has created the most comprehensive website, Bermuda Triangle.

Research Scientist, David Pares, advancing research of the Electronic Fog and Linear Displacement theory of aircraft local space warp, at Pares Space Warp Research

Author, Kathy Doore, Electronic Fog, 1978 Lake Michigan Triangle

Pilot, Cary Trantham's Triangle experience Bermuda Triangle Survivor

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